After registration, a SFI affiliate is provided with free training, website and different marketing tools to start his/her business. Some of the tools are..


1.International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE):


It provides its members with a multitude of resources designed to achieve maximum home-business success.

IAHBE members get exclusive access to an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind business-building arsenal...complete with a constant flow of fresh, pertinent information and advice for success--all collected, culled, researched, and reviewed for you in one easy-to-access package!

Here's just a sample of the money-saving specials, home-business tools, and other power-packed resources you'll have at your fingertip. 



2. S-Builder Co-op:


S-Builder is our new, international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares.


No Time? No Experience? No problem!


Less than a daily cup of coffee!No longer is a lack of time or marketing experience a roadblock to success with SFI. With S-Builder, you can simply plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving sign-ups (both SFI affiliates and TC members).


You can get benefited within a short time.



3. SFI Co-op Manager:


Co-op advertising is a power tool to boost business in SFI.


4. Wave 3 Member:


Wave 3 is the most powerful tool available to take forward your business. With just one time pay $1.95, an affiliate in TripleClicks can get lots of benefit in his business. Its a must buy to prosper well.



Other than all these tools to build the business, one gets a lot of training materials for free:-

Training article for generating TC sales and Sponsoring affiliates.

Rules of Success

Internet Income Lessons

Power tips


Expert Reorts.

These are just a few of the lot.